fierce mother manifesto.

Grace. Forgiveness of self + others. Integrity. Understanding your children are their OWN people. Nurturing their spirit. Open Heart. Open Mind. Vulnerability as a core value. Laughter is fuel for your soul/spirit. SMILE MORE. Cleanse through tears. Allow your children to experience their feelings. Remind them, it is OK to feel. Hold space for them. Teach this by example. Feel your feelings. Hold space for your tender heart. Then LET IT GO.  Deep breaths always, especially during meltdowns. Music is essential. Dancing is life. Don't take yourself so seriously. Be in the moment. Make up games with your kids. Tap into your imagination. View the world through their eyes. Let yourself be moved and deeply touched by life. Delight in the small miracles that happen to you every single day. Get dirty. Make it work. Creativity to work through tough feelings. Creativity to work through happy feelings. Creativity for the sake of creating. Apologize when you lose your patience. New moment. Cook with you kids. Positive praise. Gentle feedback. Model empathy. Volunteer. Make food for the homeless. Get your kids involved. Talk to your kids. Really LISTEN. Sometimes, just hold them and be silent. Trust your intuition + your fierce mama heart. Let go of having everything figured out. Honor your spirit. Be ALL of you, not just the mother version. Explore and trust the process. You will make so many mistakes, it is OK. You will have so many triumphs and joy so potent you cannot describe. Your heart will break over and over again. It will break no matter what, so allow it to break open. Have courage. Keep your heart open and watch how your life transforms. Bravery. Remember that nothing lasts forever. The good times will pass and so will the hard times. Wine + Pizza forever. Girlfriends. Sisterhood. LOVE YOURSELF. Laugh at yourself. Get that YOU matter. And you are worth it. Keep laughing. Fierce Commitment to what is true for you. Fierce Love. Fierce Grace. Fierce Mother. 

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